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Low budget girls PG in Greater Noida: Your Home Away From Home

Finding safe, comfortable, and budget-friendly accommodation has always been the primary concern for students, especially female students and working professionals moving to a new city. In Greater Noida, we offer an ideal solution to girls looking for a PG accommodation that provides all essential amenities without digging a hole in their pockets. Our PG services are designed to ensure comfort, safety, and a homely environment to all those looking for low budget girls PG in Greater Noida, making their stay pleasant and worry-free.

girls PG in Greater Noida

All About AR residency

In this blog you will find everything about our low budget girls PG in Greater Noida.

Why Choose AR Residency?

Are you also looking for PG under budget with all the amenities, then look no further as you have reached the right place. Peruse through this blog to know more about our PG services.

Prime Location

Our PG is situated near the prime locations in Greater Noida, close to major educational institutions, IT parks, shopping centers, and public transport facilities. The location ensures that the girl residents can easily commute to their places of study or work, saving time and transportation costs.

Affordable Rent

We understand the financial constraints of girl students and young professionals. Hence, our PG offers some of the most competitive rental rates in the area. With monthly rents starting as low as INR 13,000, we ensure that our residents get the best value for their money. We try to serve  the best option for all those who look for low budget girls PG in Greater Noida. This affordability does not compromise with the quality of living that we provide; instead, it ensures that every girl resident gets the access to safe and comfortable accommodation.

Excellent Amenities

Our low budget girls PG in Greater Noida provides a range of amenities designed to make your stay comfortable and convenient. These include:

  • Furnished Rooms: Each room is well-furnished with beds, wardrobes, study tables, and chairs to ensure a comfortable living and studying environment.
  • High-Speed Internet: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the premises, enabling you to stay connected with your studies, work, and loved ones.
  • Housekeeping Services: Regular cleaning and maintenance of rooms and common areas are provided to ensure a hygienic living space.
  • Laundry Facilities: On-site laundry services are available to save you the hassle of managing your laundry.
  • Meals: Nutritious and hygienic meals are provided three times a day along with evening snacks. We offer a variety of cuisines to cater to different tastes and dietary needs.
  • Additional Facilities: Common areas include a lounge with a TV, Gym, indoor games, and a reading room to relax and enjoy after a busy day.
  • Transport services: We also provide pick & drop services to colleges like Galgotias University, Sharda University and other nearby colleges. Transportation service to market places is also available twice a week.

Security and Safety

Ensuring the safety of our residents is our top priority. Our PG is equipped with:

  • We provide 24/7 Security Personnel and trained security guards are stationed at the entrance around the clock.
  • CCTV Surveillance at every location. The entire premises are monitored with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of the residents.
  • We ensure secure entry as only residents and authorized personnel are allowed entry. Visitors must register at the security desk.

Rules and Regulations

To maintain a harmonious and secure living environment, we have set some rules and regulations that all residents must adhere to:

  • There is a curfew time of 10:00 PM for all female residents to ensure safety. Exceptions are made for late-night shifts or emergencies, provided prior notice is given.
  • Visitors are allowed during specific hours and must register at the security desk. Male visitors are not allowed in the rooms but can meet residents in common areas.
  • No Smoking and Drinking! Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited within the premises to maintain a healthy and clean environment.
  • Residents are expected to maintain a peaceful environment, especially during study hours and late at night.
  • Ensure cleanliness! Residents are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy. Housekeeping staff will take care of common areas.

Security Deposit

A nominal security deposit is required at the time of booking, which is refundable at the end of your stay, provided there are no damages or breaches of agreement. The security deposit amount is INR 10,000, which is returned after deducting any dues or damages.

How to Book?

Booking a room in our PG is a straightforward process. Interested individuals can contact us through our website or by visiting our office in Greater Noida. The booking process involves:

  • Filling out an application form with basic details.
  • Providing a copy of ID proof and a recent photograph.
  • Paying the security deposit and the first month’s rent.


Here’s what some of our residents and their closed one have to say about their experience:

  • “One of my friends shared the details of this pg with me for my sister’s stay during her college years, I couldn’t have found any better options, literally found every amenities, top-class service that too at affordable rates”. – Avinashwar Tiwari (Resident’s brother).
  • “AR residency is one of the best places to stay. This place ensured my comfort and satisfaction and provided me with a home-like experience. I highly recommend this:.– Yashika Bansal (student)
  • “My sister is living in this PG, wonderful service, I was really happy upon seeing the Pg and it’s facilities, she really got home-like experience” – Shridhar Pandey (Resident’s brother)

Contact Us

For more details about AR Residency or to book a room, you can reach us at:

  • Phone: +91-9910620003, +91 9721328805
  • Email: info@ar-residency.in
  • Website: https://ar-residency.in/
  • Address: Plot No.BC-58,69, Ansal Housing Golf Link-1, near Knowledge park-2 Metro Station, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201310, India

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In a nutshell, our PG services in Greater Noida provide you the best combination of affordability, comfort, and safety for girls. Whether you are a student or a working professional, we strive to offer you a home-like environment that caters to all your needs. Our commitment to quality service and resident satisfaction makes us one of the best choices for PG accommodations in the area. Come, be a part of AR Residency and enjoy a hassle-free living experience in Greater Noida.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What amenities are typically provided in our low budget girls PG in Greater Noida?

Most PG accommodations for girls in Greater Noida offer amenities such as furnished rooms, Wi-Fi, meals, laundry services, 24/7 security, and housekeeping.

Is AR residency in Greater Noida safe for girls?

Yes, AR Residency prioritizes safety with features like CCTV surveillance, security personnel, and restricted entry to ensure a secure living environment for girls.

What is the average rent for PG accommodations for girls in AR Residency, Greater Noida?

The average rent for PG accommodations for girls in Greater Noida can range from INR 13,000 to INR 15,000 per month, depending on the location, amenities, and room sharing options.

Does AR Residency in Greater Noida offer single occupancy rooms?

No, as of now we do not offer a single occupancy room.

Can girls living in AR Residency in Greater Noida cook their own meals?

No, we do not offer self-cook facilities due to safety concerns.

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